One of three international athletes on the team, Erick "Soulja-Boy" Kigen is one of our top mid-distance runners. This really is only because he's Kenyan, and everyone knows all Kenyans are great runners. Erick also brings much swagger to our squad, second maybe to only teammate Zachary Gray. This is evidenced by the number of nicknames Erick has in addition to "Soulja-Boy" such as, "Maverick," "Kip," and "Kiggs." Although none of us are really sure whence these nicknames originated, we all know Erick for who he truly is – a cool Kenyan who is really, really fast.

3/25: Be sure to check out our last video from indoor conference. Outdoor videos coming soon!

2/15: Guess what's this weekend? CONFERENCE! Time to separate the boys from the men.