John Inniger is the Justin Bieber of the Belmont Track team, hair and all. He has all the connections within the punk-rock music scene, and (did you know?) even writes for this band called Since Forever. Partly due to his pretty-boy nature, Johnny Biebs likes to take mirror pictures of himself when he thinks he's looking his finest (see Track With No Track Episode #1). However, when John isn't busy looking flyer than the rest of the group, he's out meeting people like Ke$ha and Alex of All Time Low. Although he's just a freshman from Ohio, there are definitely big things in store for John Inniger, on and off the track. And trust us, you'll hear about them.

3/25: Be sure to check out our last video from indoor conference. Outdoor videos coming soon!

2/15: Guess what's this weekend? CONFERENCE! Time to separate the boys from the men.